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Business Owner and Leadership Team

Elevate the value of your business without sacrificing your well-being.

Business owners partner with us when their business:

  • Pulls them in too many directions.

  • Diverts their attention from the strategic to the tactical.

  • Limits their time guiding and mentoring their team.

  • Isn't building the value necessary to drive their desired exit.


They know there has to be a better way—one that doesn't sacrifice their well-being to have a successful company. We are here to help them THRIVE professionally and personally while building the value of their business.

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How We Do It:

  • Coaching — 1:1 and Groups

  • Leadership & Strategy Workshops

  • Fractional Strategy & Operations Executive

Don't be Held Back by 6 Problems
That Hinder Business Growth

  • An owner that's intimately involved in the day-to-day operations and sales.

  • A business mission that's confusing and motivates no one.

  • A marketing and sales effort that produces lack-luster results.

  • Not having the right people in the right seats, using their strengths.

  • Operations that look more like organized chaos than repeatable processes.

  • The constant threat of running out of cash.

These 6 issues form the root causes of most business challenges.
With a coach by your side, you'll learn how to professionalize your operation and grow the value of your small business.

Meet Your Guide: Julie Edge, Ph.D.

Julie Edge, Ph.D.

I'm Julie, the founder and chief strategist at Inside Edge Solutions. I bring over 30 years of expertise in business strategy, internal and external communications, group facilitation, and coaching. I blend my scientific training with business experience to optimize the growth of startups and small businesses in the life sciences, technology, and services industries.


I offer proven guidance on how to build business value, create a thriving team, and engage your ideal customer. As a certified coach and advisor with the Value Builder System, I diagnose your challenges, make recommendations on how to focus your energy and resources to build a more valuable business, then support you as we implement what's needed. Learn more about me HERE.

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ICF Member
Certified Life Coach Martha Beck Institute

How We Make It Happen

Coaching for
Business Owners & Their Teams (1:1 and Groups)

Spend intentional time unpacking your challenges, addressing your

opportunities, and making course corrections along the way with an experienced

sounding board and guide. This transformational program will optimize your business for sustainable growth. 

Strategy & Team Building

Engage in half or full-day workshops

designed to help you and your leadership team plan effectively, build new skills, and practice interacting more effectively so your business can scale with more ease.

Fractional Strategy & Operations Executive

Sometimes you need more concentrated and on-going support to get your business growing in the right direction. With a fractional executive on your team, you get all the expertise without the cost of a full-time professional. Plus having an outside perspective can help ease decision making.

Growing a Valuable Business Doesn’t Have to be Complicated or Lonely

But, don't just take our word for it; see what some of our satisfied clients have to say.

Discover how Inside Edge Solutions has transformed businesses owners like you.

"Julie has been my strategy partner since the beginning of my 6-year entrepreneurial journey. She was pivotal in helping me plan my exit from the corporate world and start my own company—KC CFO, a fractional financial services business. As my business coach, Julie helped me dream bigger and achieve more success than I could have ever envisioned. Within the first 18 months, I replaced my corporate salary, and since then the business has achieved double digit growth every year. Most of all, Julie helped me create a sustainable business that allows me to meet my financial goals while also being an engaged dad and husband. I highly recommend Julie if you are looking for a trusted partner to

join you on the journey!"

Brent Taylor, Founder & CEO, KC CFO

Ready to double your business' value, double your offers, and control your future?

Value Builder Assessment Report

Step 1: 
Book a 30-minute consultation to discuss how you want your business to grow and what's holding it back.

Step 2:
Get your Value Builder Score, which provides an estimate of value and gives feedback on how your business fares against 8 drivers of business value. (15 minutes)

Step 3: 
Experience a year of transformation as we simplify the chaos and show you how to build the value of your business so that when you are ready to exit, it's on your terms.

3 steps to get Value Builder Score

The Value Builder Assessment provides a comprehensive review of your business. It includes an estimate of value based on industry peers and a score on each of the 8 drivers of company value.


Companies with a Value Builder Score of 90+ (out of a possible 100) are receiving offers that represent a multiple of pre-tax profit which is twice that of an average-scoring business.


Companies achieving a score of 90+ are also more than twice as likely to have received a written acquisition offer in the last 12 months compared to the average-scoring business.

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