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Discover Your Inside Edge

Business & Life Coaching

with Julie Edge, PhD

 Working with a coach is a smart way to
evaluate, launch, and transform
yourself and your ideas.


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Ready to launch your solopreneur company?

Need an outside perspective on your small business?

Want help with developing your story?

You've come to the right place. 

Working with a coach is a smart way to

help your company succeed.


Prepare for Success

Define where you're going

Determine how best to get there

Know what to tell others about it


Get the right support in place

Strategy + Structure + Story + Support

Coaching Programs

Business Owners & Entrepreneurs
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Solopreneurs &
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About Julie
About Julie

As a business and life coach, I'm passionate about helping my clients as they go through transitions in their career stages. Together, we develop and refine their idea for their company or career, then chart a strategic path, beef up the structure, fine-tune how they tell others about it, and determine the needed support. Thriving in the next career chapter is the outcome we seek.


My career spans three decades in the science, technology, and communication industries. I have experienced the highs and lows of being a startup founder, business owner, and team leader, as well as a consultant and freelancer. In my career, I've worked with a lot of emerging and established leaders. They represented businesses ranging from the smallest to some of the largest — some privately owned, others investor-backed, and a few publicly traded. I’m also a writer, which means I’m passionate about the skill and art of communicating well.


A health crisis on top of a startup that didn't scale was my catalyst for pursuing full-time coaching and writing. It also led me to horses and adding equine-assisted coaching to my bag of tricks. When horses and humans partner, the results are nothing short of magical. The combination has certainly has helped me grow in ways I could have never imagined!

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Julie M. Edge, PhD

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“Tell me...what will you do with
your one 
wild and precious life?"

Mary Oliver, poet

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