An Invitation 

to work with me in a

1:1 90-minute

Mompreneur Exploration Session

Julie M. Edge, PhD

I have a transformational offer for women who left their careers for motherhood
but are now feeling bored and unfulfilled at home and want more purpose and impact in their lives.

This is for you if...

you're experiencing stay-at-home mom malaise and
don't want to revisit this topic at another session with your therapist,

sign up for another meditation retreat to figure out your inner desires,

or attend yet another video-only program you found on Instagram.

Instead, you want to transform how you make money into

something with profound meaning, impact, and ownership

that fits with how you want to be a mom.

Sounds like you want to be a mompreneur!

If you are ready to fully evaluate whether a step into business ownership is right for you,

with someone who has experience with ideating, building, launching, and running

an entrepreneurial venture that fits in and around motherhood, please keep reading.

In our 90-minute Mompreneur Exploration Session, we'll take the following steps:

Step 1. Evaluate your current situation—what's working, what's not working as well as you'd like—and your beliefs about your ability to own and run a business.

Step 2. Discuss your style, skills, and ideas for a potential service/product that could form the basis of a solopreneur practice or small business.

Step 3. Dream and scheme about a problem your service/product could solve and identify an ideal customer.

Step 4. Decide on a few action steps that you're willing to do to move your service/product idea forward. 



What's the desired outcome?


After this session, my clients express that they have more clarity about potential service/product ideas, how being a mompreneur could fit into their lives, and some next steps to take before they take the plunge. They see opportunities that weren't apparent before. They have a solid framework to work with as they add mompreneur to their list of ideal roles in life. 

Who are the best candidates for this offer?


a) Desire some structure to evaluate their business ownership ideas.


b) Demonstrate a willingness to invest time and money in themselves and their potential for work that has meaning and impact. 

c) Are ready to take action.

What's your investment?


The investment in this session is an understandable mid-3-figures for such a high-touch, highly effective, results-based private session.

(This session is also the first one in my 12-week Mompreneur Development program which continues your journey towards mompreneurship by giving you the practical knowledge and support to build, launch, and grow a service/product. The cost of Session 1 is applied to the12-week program investment when you take that next step. Or signup for the 12-week program and maximize your investment.)

Before our 90-minute session, you will receive a link to an online assessment that identifies your unique source code for work to complete and a worksheet to help prepare you for our session. I'll also send along some information that explains my philosophy of how to build the foundation for a successful mompreneur business.

If you are interested in this offer, please send me a message to info@insideedgecoach, and we’ll set up a 20-minute chat to see if this program is a fit. 

Why work with me?

The practices I share with you in this program were developed over 20 years based on my experience when I took a sabbatical (aka maternity leave!) from an executive position at a global PR firm, resigned, and launched a consulting and coaching practice that helped me balance fulfilling work with being an engaged mom.


I dropped off and picked up my kids at school, made it to every soccer game and school performance, and stayed connected to my kids as they matured into young adults. My kids experienced an engaged mom who had her own interests and ability to contribute financially to the family. 

With my business creation and development methods, I have advised and mentored the founders of more than 100 early-stage startup companies and solopreneur service-based practices. I'd love to share what I learned by figuring it out along the way. The structured process I offer will help you fast forward your mompreneur career.


Julie M. Edge, Ph.D.