Wholeness Seekers

Play. Rest. Nourish.

The catalyst for my life change was a health crisis and a failed startup company. Together, they rocked my world and showed me how I had veered off my path to my "north star." And about two years into a three-year healing journey, I noticed a pattern:

When I was wilder with my decisions, I healed.

When I was tamer, I didn't. 


I then set out to purposely re-wild myself. I called on my training as a socio-biologist and was intentional with how I played, rested, and nourished myself. And what started as a self-healing process became a way to coach others and help them discover their best life.


Are you longing to cultivate a more wholehearted life? Whether you’ve had a catalytic event in your life or you’re just longing for more balance, I can help.


Through our coaching work together, we'll discover the thoughts creating unnecessary roadblocks and dis-ease. And I'll share some wilder ways of healing the mind, body, and spirit. Ready for some re-wilding?

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