Open during COVID-19. All sessions conducted via Zoom.

"It's not reality that makes us suffer, 
it's our thoughts about reality."

- Byron Katie


What My Clients Say...

“I first worked with Julie as a business adviser where she was tremendously valuable to my startup. When I got stuck on my career path, I called on Julie. And I'm so glad I did. She not only provided me with a set of tools that I call on almost daily, but I've shed a lot of baggage allowing me to live my life with only the essential elements. I've since taken a new career path, and my relationships with family and most importantly myself have experienced a new level of harmony I'm forever grateful for."

-- Entrepreneur & Innovation Leader, Maryland

"Life has been incredibly intense lately, and Julie is a big reason I've been able to maintain my sanity and actually turn the challenges into growth. Her suggestions and tools to process everything have been just what I needed. She's good. She's really good."


-- Non-profit Leader & Community Builder, Kansas

My Coaching Philosophy

Through one-on-one coaching sessions via Zoom, we assess the problems and opportunities associated with your business. Then we work through your needs for strategy + structure + story + support. We'll likely see some things holding you back along the way, and we'll work through those. I have a variety of tools to help you see your situation with fresh eyes and find a way that perhaps hasn’t occurred to you before.

As a coach, my job is to form hypotheses about what’s happening with you and your business and then give you something to push against. You won’t hurt my feelings by saying I’m wrong...that’s how we clarify what's going on and question what feels true. Finding comfort in discomfort is a key trait of entrepreneurs, so we will practice that together.

You’ll hear me ask “why” a lot. And sometimes those “whys” will feel like dumb questions. But go with it, I’m usually asking for a very good reason. I will also ask you to suspend some of your beliefs about the way things "should be" and consider that your interpretation might not be serving you well. Together, we will explore new beliefs that serve your entrepreneurial interests better. And of course, our work together is 100% confidential. 

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Why Engage a Coach?

  • You want to start a service-based business, but you're struggling with that leap of faith.

  • You've launched your big idea, but need some support to build a strong foundation.

  • You long to lead a company more in line with your passion or purpose.

  • Your small business isn't achieving its potential and needs some new eyes on it.

  • You are getting ready to retire from your job and want to plan your next gig.

  • Your kids are leaving the nest soon…and it’s your turn to shine!