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Coaching with a Horse

When a horse joins our coaching session, the results are nothing short of magical. Called "equine-assisted coaching," it involves partnering with a horse to gain non judgemental feedback based on your energetic state. In various exercises in a round pen, arena, or pasture, we more easily bust through your bottlenecks in life and business as you gain insight into the patterns that may be holding you back in business and life. ⁠

Experiencing Equine

Not enough people know about the power of equine-assisted coaching, so I co-founded Experiencing Equine with Kerry Hayes. It's an educational platform with a two-fold mission to:


1) Raise awareness of the personal and professional growth possibilities when humans partner with horses through equine-assisted coaching; and

2) Make it easy for someone to connect with an equine-assisted coach in their area or topic of interest.


Experiencing Equine hosts virtual summits, provides a listing of equine-assisted coaches by location and specialty associated with each summit, and serves as an online educational resource.


Julie M. Edge, PhD

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What is equine-assisted coaching?


Equine-assisted coaching offers a unique experience that brings humans and horses together in a way that promotes personal and professional growth. The coach taps into horse wisdom while serving as a facilitator and guiding the client's interaction with the horse. All work occurs on the ground. There is no riding.


Why horses?


Horses only care about the present moment; they don’t ruminate over the past or fret about the future. They cannot lie or hold grudges. They don’t judge based on appearances or past mistakes. But they do require authenticity for engagement. Horses are skilled at reading our facial expressions, body language, and energy. Like a mirror, horses give humans clear and immediate feedback—even for those who carefully hide their emotional state. 


Their nature as prey animals means they are acutely perceptive, highly social, and tuned into their environment and interaction with their herd mates, other animals, and humans. Being herd animals, horses understand the different ways leadership can be expressed in the roles played by members of the herd. 


How do horses teach leadership?


In herds, fair and consistent competition determines leadership. A strong leader takes responsibility for the wellbeing and safety of the herd members, and as a result herd members feel safe, secure, and valued. Horses teach humans the qualities of leadership including team dynamics, healthy boundaries, and responsibility.


How does equine-assisted coaching work?


Equine-assisted coaches guide participants on a journey of learning and understanding with the support of horses. Activities with horses can serve as a metaphor for life challenges and help bring clarity on issues. Participants are encouraged to transfer the experiences they've had with the horses into their personal and professional lives. An equine-assisted coach helps participants identify their current inner state and craft a plan that moves them forward based on the feedback from the horse.


All that’s needed is an open mind and closed-toe shoes to experience what the horses have to teach. 

No riding is necessary.

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