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In gratitude. Every day.

Three years ago, a catalytic event -- a breast cancer diagnosis -- sent me on a journey I never planned to take. It was one of those blind-side hits; the kind you don't see coming as it slams you to the ground leaving you a bit bloodied and battered, seeing stars.

But as I lay in a heap with my cheek pressed to the ground, I saw something I never could have imagined -- a new perspective. This change in vantage point opened me up to receive a new way to be that was full of gratitude.

Three years ago, I would have laughed at the thought of being thankful for the "gift of cancer." But yes, here I am. I am grateful for what only cancer could teach me about life, love, and the divine. Joy and peace were under all my fears of the unknown. It took me a while to see question my surrender to the truth. But now that way of being is front and center.

So as I stand here on the eve of my three-year Cancerversary (April 23), I am grateful for "every new day, blessing, surprise, breath, song, word, hope, reason, and heart-felt moment." It's a lovely place to be me.


Gratitude: A Blessing was inspired by a meditation written by my yoga teacher, Lisa Ash. It crossed my path at just the right time. I made some modifications to tailor it for me. The full version of her meditation is available on her blog. Enjoy!

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