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Showing Up: Progress on the Page

One week down...three to go! So far, my October Writing Project (31 days of 10 minutes of daily writing practice) is not disappointing. My goal for Week 1 was to focus on noticing what happens when I simply show up to the page with no assumptions and no plan. And I've discovered a lot by just paying attention to that.

I’m already finding the 10-minute time-frame is rarely enough. Something extraordinary consistently happens at about minute 7, and I want to keep going. When I let go of expectation about where my writing is headed, a gem always pops up. When I have an agenda, my writing struggles to find its way.

Of course the best part so far is the community aspect of this writing project. It spurs me on more than I anticipated, and certainly more than flying this route solo. It's easier to show up to the blank page knowing at least one and maybe 10, maybe 50 other people are doing the same.

Shared energy always propels me forward in yoga and hiking. Nice to see it works for writing too. I love imagining my fellow writers setting their timers and diving into 10 minutes of “funnel cakes,” “corn on the cob,” “I remember,” and “I’m nourished when.” So, thank you to everyone who has jumped in so far. You are helping my writing beyond measure.

Social Writing

Now, I’m no wiz at Instagram or Facebook. And I'm still on the fence about this delivery method. So, please offer feedback on how it's going to receive daily writing prompts this way.

Social media is a funny thing. Thanks to some pre-work and scheduling software, the daily tasks are minimal. But I'm not used to paying this much attention to social media. My competitive side really wants to know how many likes and shares my posts are getting. My mind monkeys are having a field day with this method of delivering prompts to anyone and everyone who wants some writing inspiration.

My contemplative side really doesn’t want to care. She’s frankly a bit annoyed by all the hoopla that comes with social media. “Put down your phone. Stop caring about what others think. Just write,” is what this side of me says. Thankfully, this essential self nudge immediately brings me back to the big purpose in all this -- to keep me on my writing path and to share this gift with my tribe. When I get out of my own way (on and off the page), I am always rewarded. I'd even say I'm relentlessly and unconditionally touched by divine grace.

Ready for Week 2?

If you haven’t put pen to paper in the first week of the October Writing Project, let me invite you to join us. It’s never too late to start writing. October 10th is just as good a date to start as October 1st.

If you have joined in -- even for just one 10-minute writing sprint -- congratulations! That’s huge. Pat yourself on the back, then pick up your pen and do it again. I promise there’s more here to discover. Trust the process. It’s worth it.

Need more support? More atta-boys and atta-girls? More inspiration from great writers? Let me know by commenting on this blog or on one of my Facebook or Instagram posts. Tell me how it’s going, what you've discovered along the way, which prompts you liked, which ones you didn’t. I’m listening!

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