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5 Signs Your Solo Business is Ready for a Coach

Updated: May 23, 2021

Running a small business has both joys and woes. Whether you are already flying solo or considering a leap of faith, each year in business can feel like climbing a mountain; the views are great, but the treck can be treacherous and exhausting. Most solo small business owners I've worked with are pretty smart folks. Most have a decently clear vision for the service-based business they are building, but need help pricing their service, picking clients that aren't nightmares, and managing the workload when their concept catches on.

They all came to a point in the development of their business when they realized they needed a sounding board—someone who could bring some objectivity to their business and hold them accountable. They each saw signs that engaging with a coach was a smart move and a worthy investment in their business and personal development.

The fact that you are reading this post tells me you're seeing similar signs. Perhaps they sound like these:

#1: Your family and friends are tired of hearing about the inside guts of your business, and you've outstripped their experience and expertise.

#2: You're having trouble seeing the forest for the trees because you are working "in" your business instead of "on" it.

#3: Strategies and tactics that worked in the past are no longer bearing fruit, but you're not quite sure why.

#4: You have some fantastic ideas but lack the strategy, structure, and story needed to bring them to life.

#5: It's time to hire or partner with someone to grow the business, but you want to avoid a mistake.

Of course, there are many more signs that it's time to invest in a coach. However, these are the five I've seen most often.

If it feels like a weight is lifting off your shoulders when you think about having someone to help you with your business, then it's time to start looking for a coach. To find someone who is a good fit for you, make sure to check out more than their experience, perspective, and process. Make sure they feel right as well. An emotional connection is just as important as credentials. Then get ready for the insight and spark that will help you grow your business.

Julie Edge, PhD, is a business & life coach who works primarily with solopreneur and small business owners. Whether preparing to start a business or in the early stages of running one, Julie helps entrepreneurs launch and grow their service-based businesses. She brings her 20+ years of experience as a solopreneur service provider and her Strategy + Structure + Story + Support methodology to her clients—becoming their sounding board and trusted advisor. Fill out Julie's contact form to get in touch.

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