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Are You Maximizing Your Zone of Genius?

Ever find yourself wondering why some tasks leave you energized and inspired, while others leave you drained and exhausted? That's the difference between working in your Zone of Genius and being stuck in your Zone of Frustration.

As entrepreneurs, we wear multiple hats, often juggling tasks that don't align with our strengths. But what if there is a way to consistently operate in your Zone of Genius, where your work is not only enjoyable but also highly productive?

Enter Patrick Lencioni's groundbreaking concept: the 6 Types of Working Genius. You might remember him from his best-selling book, the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team. He has outdone himself with this new concept.

Unlike traditional personality, temperament, and job suitability assessments like Myers-Briggs, Kolbe, DISC, Culture Index, Strengthsfinder, this model provides a clear roadmap for harnessing your innate strengths to get work done within a team setting. Let me break it down:

1. Wonder: The visionary who identifies problems.

2. Invention: The innovator who crafts solutions.

3. Discernment: The analyst who sharpens and perfects the solution.

4. Galvanizing: The motivator who inspires the team for action.

5. Enablement: The implementer who drives the solution forward.

6. Tenacity: The detail-oriented finisher who ensures completion.

This intuitive approach connects personality and temperament traits with specific phases of work, offering a practical guide to building high-performing teams. The online assessment not only identifies your two areas of genius, two areas of competency, and two areas of frustration, it also informs the language needed to make this stick as it transforms how you do work individually and as a team.

To grasp the full power of this model, I urge you to watch this brief 4-minute video: Working Genius Intro Video. Patrick Lencioni eloquently explains how this framework revolutionizes teamwork.

We've already introduced this concept to several business owners, and the results have been transformative. The ah-ha moments are plentiful! We are keen to hear your thoughts and explore how this approach can elevate your business.

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P.S. If you're intrigued by the prospect of working more often in your Zone of Genius, which also can boost your Value Builder Score by improving your business along the Hub & Spoke principle, let's connect. Email us at, and we'll find a time to chat.


Julie Edge Ph.D., is chief strategist and founder of Inside Edge Solutions LLC, a boutique strategy coaching and consulting firm serving business owners seeking less chaos and complication in their business and more thriving in their life—both personally and professionally. Connect with Julie on LinkedIn at @drjulieedge

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