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The 4 Degrees of Delegation: A Guide for Business Owners

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

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As a business owner, your instinct may be to oversee every detail of your company. While this has fueled success in the early years of your company, fighting fires and answering mundane questions creates a bottleneck for future growth.

The hallmark of a valuable company is one that can thrive without you. Plus, it leaves you with fewer headaches and hassles too. And you get more time and energy for other pursuits, whether hobbies or new business ideas. How do you get there?

Master the art of delegation.

Here's an eBook for you—The 4 Degrees of Delegation.

In it, you'll find information on how to be more intentional about how you delegate and to whom in your company. As well as,

  • Three ineffective delegation styles to avoid.

  • How delegation affects your company’s value.

  • When and how to implement the Four Degrees of Delegation.

  • The importance of outlining a time-based or financial budget to work within.

  • How to get employees to think like an owner.

At the heart of delegation is clear communication and being able to resist the urge to micromanage. When you delegate effectively, I promise your business will run more smoothly and efficiently.

Just imagine the work getting done as you'd like it with less stress on you.


Julie Edge Ph.D., is chief strategist and founder of Inside Edge Solutions LLC, a boutique strategy coaching and consulting firm serving business owners seeking less chaos and complication in their business and more thriving in their life—both personally and professionally. Connect with Julie on LinkedIn at @drjulieedge

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