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The Overlooked Owner: Is That You?

How do you determine the value of your business?

Your gut might lead you to an in-depth look at your financials or to analyze the competitive landscape.

Value Builder's study of 1,511 companies points to an often-neglected factor when assessing company value—the business owner. More specifically, the reasons behind their exit and the steps they took to prepare. Value Builder's research suggests this can impact business value by up to 53%.

This ebook gives a great overview:  The Overlooked Owner


✅ 3 reasons business owners exit their company and how each affects business value.

✅ What 4 areas in the preparation process can lead to a 36% increase in business value.

✅ 4 proactive ways to ensure your clients are helping, not hurting your company's value.

A quick way to get a read on your business' value is to take the Value Builder Assessment. In 15 minutes, you'll have an estimate of value based on your industry and how you score on the eight drivers of business value.

You'll receive a summary score right after you complete the assessment. Then, we'll set up a meeting to go over the highlights and get you the full report. There's no cost to the assessment and review. So what do you have to lose?

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Julie Edge Ph.D., is chief strategist and founder of Inside Edge Solutions LLC, a boutique strategy coaching and consulting firm serving business owners seeking less chaos and complication in their business and more thriving in their life—both personally and professionally. Connect with Julie on LinkedIn at @drjulieedge

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