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Julie Edge, PhD

“I’ve worked with Julie for 8+ years and she is absolutely the right coach for someone looking for guidance growing their business. She has lived or seen it both professionally and personally and always offers different ideas/tools to consider (often ones you would have never thought of yourself!) which is exactly what you need at pivotal moments growing a business. Julie has had a great impact on myself both personally/professionally and I can’t recommend her coaching enough.”

— Dan Schwarzlander, co-founder, CIQ Health

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Julie for four years as my coach, and she’s been an integral part of my entrepreneurial journey. She has a wealth of experiences—from starting and building companies to coaching executives—that help set her coaching practice apart. If you’re considering a big change in your life or career, or need help as you grow your business, I would highly recommend working with Julie!”

— Brent Taylor, founder, KC CFO Services

“I first worked with Julie as a business adviser where she was tremendously valuable to my startup, Co-Founders Lab. When I got stuck on my career path, I called on Julie. And I'm so glad I did. She not only provided me with a set of tools which I call on almost daily, but I've shed a lot of baggage allowing me to live my life with only the essential elements. I've since taken a new career path, and my relationships with family and most importantly myself have experienced a new level of harmony I'm forever grateful for."

— Shahab Kavaini, 3x SaaS Founder turned Fractional Growth Executive & Coach for Software CEOs 


“Julie was an extraordinary help to me during a tumultuous year in my professional life. She helped me clearly identify the sources of my frustrations and guided me on a path to making a major career change. My transition from leading corporate marketing teams to a solopreneur was much smoother with her guidance. For me, the results have been a total game-changer—I'm more focused, calm, productive, and happy. I am truly, so very grateful for her coaching.”

— Liz Benditt, Founder & CEO, BalmBox


"Life has been incredibly intense lately, and Julie is a big reason I've been able to maintain my sanity and actually turn the challenges into growth. Her suggestions and tools to process everything have been just what I needed. She's good. She's really good."

— Adam Arredondo, Founder & CEO, Startland

“As a business owner, coaching sessions with Inside Edge Coaching significantly reorganized the way I perceived the value of my services and the mentality behind my financial goals. Sessions with Julie are the highlight of my month, and I always look forward to the insights I uncover about my limiting beliefs and how to move past them. My business and my personal life are much more abundant thanks to my work with Julie!”

— Sarah Hays, Founder, Financial Life Bookkeeping

“I have had the opportunity to work with Julie on several levels. She was a co-founder of a SparkLabKC company, Creelio, and did a remarkable job of framing that business and launching the company. Our company became a Creelio client and subsequently, she joined the management team at SparkLabKC in a co-founder role. Across these relationships, Julie consistently has the clearest view of what needed to be done. Her greatest strengths are her mentoring skills—her ability to help a young company see a path forward. I recommend her without reservation.”

— Al Eidson, Founder, Eidson & Partners and Co-founder SparkLabKC Accelerator Program 


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