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House by the Lake

Retirement Bound

Explore. Re-define. Soar. 

Congratulations! You're closing up the career chapter of your life. Now, it's time to focus on you. Oh, wait! You're worried about not having enough meaning in your life? You're not quite sure who you are outside of your job? You finally have time to focus on a passion or purpose-led initiative and you don't want to waste it? 


It's time to consider a guided and structured "Second Act" so you can focus your energy on what makes you thrive. Partnering with a coach during this transition can help you bridge the gap between your past and future identities. It's time to get curious, re-discover your passion, and live your purpose.

Strategy + Structure + Story + Support

When you are ready to explore coaching to help you with this leap, fill out my contact form and we'll check our fit with a call. 

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