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Notebook and Pen

Dream. Create. Inspire.


For much of my career, I have been a solopreneur --- a "me, myself, and I" shop so to speak. I learned how to keep myself motivated without a big organization around me. I'm thankful for all the apps and workarounds today that make it easier to run a business without HR, accounting, and admin at my beck and call. But it can be a bit lonely, which means building your own stable of mentors and peers to keep you from feeling isolated. 

If you are considering the leap out of a large corporation or have been a stay-at-home parent for many years and want to get back to work, let's chat. I can help you dream and scheme possibilities for your new business, leave your current job without burning bridges, and gain the support you need as the business starts to gain some traction.  

When you are ready to match your passion with your work, fill out my contact form, and we'll set up a call to check our fit as coach and client.

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