Inquiry and Insights

Think for just a minute about the people you consider to be great leaders. What about them do you admire? What draws you to them? What makes you want to follow their lead?

I'm guessing your first instinct is to name their strengths, examples of poise under pressure...

Learn about the "Change Cycle" in nature and humans, and how it can apply to your life.

The writing meditation practice I developed over the last two years has served me well in my journey to wholeness. Learn more about how I got there.

Writing was something I used to think was only for school or my job. But then I found what a healing tool it could be. And that changed everything!

Writing as a "practice" rather than for "production" is surprising me in unanticipated ways. I’m just past halfway in the 31 days of daily writing practice -- The October Writing Project -- and I’m feeling bolstered, not dragged down in the least. I'm also thankful for...

One week down...three to go! So far, my October Writing Project (31 days of 10 minutes of daily writing practice) is not disappointing. My goal for Week 1 was to focus on noticing what happens when I simply show up to the page with no assumptions and no plan. And I've...

I've been known to geek out on some pretty odd topics. And sociology is one of my geekiest. It was my major in college. The subject resonated deeply for me, pinging my unexplainable need to understand culture and its impact in both small and large ways. Despite my love...

Sometimes our greatest teachers come in a form we don't expect. My most recent life lessons came from a horse.

Nourishing my body with good food has been a lifelong ambition. Using food to heal my body, a new adventure.

What does it take to make change in my life? 

It takes a step into the dark...the unknown...the abyss.

That step is never comfortable. 

My belly tightens. Tension rises as I grope.

But no guardrail appears.

All I can do is take one step, then another and another.


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